Welcome to Lakeview Orchard

Growers of the Finest Tree Fruits and Berries

Summer 2016

Greetings from Lakeview Orchard!

Where has the summer gone?

It has certainly been a bad weather year for growers--no snow cover, extreme cold (-19 degrees here a couple days in February), warmer than usual temperatures in March, then 0 degrees in April. The summer has been very hot and dry and there is very little rain in the forecast.

You most likely have heard that there are NO LOCAL PEACHES in New England and into NY and part of New Jersey due to the winter and spring temperatures. The peaches/nectarines that are being sold in this area are from Pennsylvania and beyond.As a consequence of these temperatures right here at our Lanesborough orchard, we had no cherries or apricots and will not have any peaches, nectarines, plums or pears.

Raspberry season is over and blueberry season is winding down and APPLE SEASON HAS BEGUN! We have Williams Pride and Early Mac in the store and hope to PRESS CIDER this weekend or early next week.

We, also, have our own SWEET CORN, summer squash, tomatoes, cukes, HUMONGOUS CABBAGE, garlic, and some awesome looking sweet Spanish onions.

Our bakery and kitchen items (golumpki, pierogi, corn chowder, potato salad, baked beans, kapusta ) are available!

Please remember we are much more than "a place to pick" your own fruit! We hope you will visit us real soon !

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Dave, Judy, Dan, Sylvia & Cindy